What my clients are saying…

“I was at the beginning of launching my business & lacked the focus and direction I needed to put it out into the world. Coaching with Gemma, we dissected everything whilst setting tangible goals. I made more progress in 1 month with Gemma than I had in the previous few months on my own.

She coached me, guided me & championed me through the whole process whilst giving fresh perspective on things I couldn’t see myself.

She coached me, guided me & championed me through the whole process whilst giving fresh perspective on things I couldn’t see myself.”

– Jodie

“I completed a 3 month program with Gemma. I really enjoyed the experience and it was great value for money. Gemma is kind, open and honest, she challenges you whilst providing a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. I felt amazing after our sessions. I was able to achieve my goal with Gemma and enjoyed that she gave tools for me to continue with after the course. I will look forward to working with Gemma in the future.”

– Nicole

“I completed an IEMT session with Gemma, something which I had never tried before, but Gemma made me feel at ease from the outset and throughout the session. The IEMT helped me to bring negative emotions to the fore, allowing me to process them by seeing them from a more rounded perspective. Following this experience, I straight away felt more positive and like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders; this was highly impressive given the techniques employed by Gemma were guiding me through my feelings and emotions without even having to disclose the full background behind them. I would highly recommend a session with Gemma who was professional, supportive and knowledgeable.”

– Mia

“I completed the 12 weeks course with Gemma and it really opened my eyes to what is possible when you have the techniques and know how of how to get rid of limiting beliefs and truly have the confidence you need to reach your goals. We assessed my values and altered my goals accordingly and we broke down what I need to do to to reach those. In the 12 weeks I had already started to make big strides towards creating the life I wanted. Would highly recommend Gemma to anyone.”

– Jamie

“Coaching with Gemma massively increased my confidence, as it allowed me to take back control.

Gemma helped me reframe set-backs as valuable learning opportunities & break free from unhelpful narratives I had been telling myself over & over.

Her strategies enabled me to let go of doubt, guilt & comparisons.

The in-depth program made me look at my situation without judgement & become more compassionate towards myself.

The whole experience was illuminating & gave me the clarity to realise my true goals, alongside the confidence needed to begin pursing them.

Now, instead of letting fear & indecision hold me back, I am training for my dream career.

I am so grateful to the program & proud of what it has allowed me to achieve.”

– Sinead

“The half day intensive session with Gemma was an absolute game changer for me. I went in with zero expectations of what the morning would entail but excited as I had really enjoyed the consultation with Gemma, and had been following her on instagram for a while.
She listens with real purpose and genuinely hears what you have to say before helping you down the road to discovery and recovery. What Gemma does really well is give you the tools to help you help yourself.
I left feeling energised, motivated and above all grateful for everything that I have accomplished and coped with to get me to where I am now.”

– Gemma

“Gemma supported me at a time when I was completely confused and struggling with intense indecision.

The indecision was all consuming leaving me finding it difficult to concentrate and suffering mental fog, stress and tiredness.

Gemma supported me with a tailored session using a combination of techniques; IEMT and EFT.

The next day I began to feel lighter, clearer and my confidence return and a belief in my decision making I hadn’t felt in a long time.

I have found Gemma to be extremely supportive, positive and encouraging. Adding the use of NLP techniques brought another dynamic to her approach and demonstrates her wealth of knowledge in the field of coaching, this enhanced my experience and was fundamental not only my problem solving, but getting into more personal and deeper issues.

Thank you so much Gemma! x”

– Helen

“Gemma was a delight to work with. I undertook 6 sessions of life coaching and my mindset completely changed afterwards. She taught me useful strategies on how to approach certain issues that I was finding difficult, and provided extra materials that I can use in the long term. I would highly recommend Gemma for whatever aspect you feel you may need some guidance in.” 


“I did a few months with Gemma and I can honestly say the reassurance and techniques she has taught me have been a real help and something I will continue to use going forward.I always used to worry about other peoples opinions and used to make myself ill constantly seeking approval of people who I really didn’t need approval of !!! If your looking to get your confidence back and move become yourself again then Gemma’s programme is a must.” 

– Ashley Galligan

“So I did some IEMT with Gemma to help with distancing uncomfortable situations I have been put in which have left me with Negative feelings towards certain people in my past.

I was looking to try anything that would help me deal with this due to the fact I still have to communicate with this person.

The techniques Gemma used I feel really helped me.

I was amazed that in such a short time the way I felt about a situation and person changed to be less negative.

The way I respond to them now is totally different.

This has helped me deal with a lot of communication problems in a much calmer more positive way. I’d recommend anyone to try it!”

– Laura

“I really did not know what to expect but I am 100% certain I got what I needed today. Gemma is a sweetheart, anyone who meets her would know that; but there’s real steel at her core and she takes you precisely where you need to go to discover/rediscover your own. I have clarity. Pure & simple. Cannot recommend highly enough.”

– David