For Anxiety Relief & Confidence

Is anxiety, confidence or self-doubt holding you back from feeling fulfilled, embracing positive change or reaching your full potential?


Does overwhelm, stress or uncertainty disrupt your sleep or make it difficult to relax & enjoy the present without feeling the urge to be constantly doing something?


Do you find it difficult to manage your emotions or prioritise your needs & express your feelings, whilst dealing with fears of failure & judgement, comparisons, and worries about the future?

For Anxiety Relief & Confidence

Is confidence, anxiety or self-doubt holding you back from taking action, embracing positive change and reaching your full potential?


Does overwhelm, stress or uncertainty disrupt your sleep & make it difficult to relax or enjoy the present without feeling the urge to be constantly doing something?


Do you find it difficult to manage your emotions, prioritise your needs & express your feelings, whilst dealing with comparisons, fears of failure and judgement, or worries about the future?

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Stop battling anxiety, overwhelm & self-doubt &
Feel Calm, Confident & Capable

You Can

Overcome self-doubt and conquer anxiety so you feel calm, confident and capable to reach your next level of personal growth or success without sacrificing yourself, wellbeing or personal relationships.


Trust yourself and feel safe and secure in your ability to respond to life’s challenges skilfully.


Be excited for the future, empowered with tools and techniques to master your mind, manage your emotions and thrive.

Do You

Are fear, anxiety or self-doubt holding you back from taking action, embracing positive change and reaching your full potential?

Does overwhelm, stress or anxiety disrupt your sleep, make it difficult to relax or be present without feeling the urge to be constantly doing something?

Do you find it difficult to manage your emotions, prioritise your needs or communicate your feelings effectively, amidst comparisons, fear or worries?

Do you want to?

Overcome self-doubt and master anxiety so you are calm, confident and capable to reach your next level of career success or personal growth without sacrificing your health, joy or personal relationships?

Trust yourself & feel safe and secure in your ability to respond to life’s challenges skilfully?

Be excited for the future, empowered with tools & techniques to master your mind, manage your emotions, and thrive?

Hi, I’m Gemma!

I help people overcome frustration, anxiety and self-doubt, so they feel Calm, Confident & Capable to be their real self & live a life that truly reflects who they really are. 


Through coaching & hypnotherapy, I empower people who feel stuck, personally or professionally, to break free & thrive.


Trained in NLP, IEMT and Hypnotherapy, my approach combines many disciplines, tailored specifically to your needs on your journey of healing, growth & transformation.


I work online internationally & face to face in Manchester/Cheshire, & look forward to meeting you soon!

Take your first step in putting yourself first. Book a free consultation and let’s have a chat.

Words from my Clients

“I’m so thankful I met Gemma when I did! I was going through a terrible time mentally and I honestly didn’t see a way out of it. Gemma really helped me put my life into perspective, she helped me unload a lot of emotions that I was carrying for such a long time. But the most important thing Gemma helped me with was realising the value within myself. I’m not over exaggerating when I say Gemma changed my life. I now realise my own self-worth and took a plunge and moved to Sydney. I’m a way more confident person and I can think a lot clearer all because of Gemma. I’m extremely grateful we met when we did. Gemma will absolutely change your life if you put your faith in her”.

Barry Australia

“When I first signed up for the 3-month program, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But working with Gemma changed all my expectations completely! Before starting the program, I was very down, overwhelmed from work and completely drained. Now after working with Gemma, my confidence and self-belief in my own work abilities have sky rocketed and I am now able to enjoy my annual leave and personal time so much more! I didn’t think Gemma would be able to change my mindset when it came to work, but she completely surpassed my expectations! She is so kind, determined and is always challenging your thoughts, which is what I needed! I feel like I am now able to achieve my career goals much more after working with Gemma, especially with the tools and skills she has taught me. I would highly recommend this program if you want to see yourself grow both personally and professionally”.

Angelina Nottinghamshire

“I completed the 3-month programme with Gemma in 2023 after going through a couple of tough years with pregnancy and postpartum anxiety. I had tried all the traditional therapies, and nothing clicked until I stumbled across Gemma on Instagram and knew I needed to work with her! I went in with a very modest goal of overcoming the trauma of the previous two years, and I can safely say that goal was met after the first session. Gemma then went on to coach me into the woman that I always wanted to be. I let go of a lifetime of people pleasing, limiting beliefs and became more confident, assertive and comfortable in myself. Using a mixture of different approaches really worked so well for me and Gemma has the most natural ability to tap into the real inner issues and apply different techniques to help achieve the best results. After the programme finished, I decided that having Gemma in my corner was the ultimate self-care and I have been keeping regular sessions in for the last 6 months. I cannot thank Gem enough for all her wise words and for bringing the real me out!!”

Gemma Manchester

“I completed the three-month programme with Gemma back in December. I honestly can say it’s been a shock to the system but a much needed one ultimately, I have been stuck in a rut and having the same talk/thoughts on repeat in my head and didn’t feel like I could do anything about it. Gemma had exceeded my expectations as a coach, I didn’t expect to open up as much as I had done and be vulnerable, but it was such a safe space. She challenged my thinking and allowed me to view things differently to what I had done previously. It’s April now and I’m constantly using her tips to rethink and change my perspective. There’s so much practical use to doing her programme. Her homework has been amazing because you really do dig deep into what you want, who you are and ultimately what’s stopping you! I’m still using her homework to journal, and I can’t thank Gemma enough for her coaching sessions because of her gentle but firm nature. Gemma does go above and beyond with the amount of effort she has done to research and collate these pieces of work and sessions for you to look back on and reflect. Her material is so good to look back on, so you don’t just get her wisdom and perspectives in the sessions but even after. She is honestly amazing and if you have any inkling of thinking of contacting her and joining one of her programmes, I honestly can’t recommend enough to do that. Least to say I don’t regret it and will be continuing with her”

Heidi Manchester

“I worked with Gemma on the three-month programme, and I am so pleased I did. I looked forward to my sessions, and I found each piece of ‘homework’ to reveal something new about myself. It’s helped me grow on a personal and professional level. I started out wanting help to prepare for a future CEO role. I came away cherishing everything I already had, and with an aim to create more balance in my life to enjoy my children while they are young and need me so much. I know that my CEO role will come… I’ve prepped, and I’m confident in what I do. But what I want right now is to live to my personal values, to cherish the time I have with my children. I’m not taking my foot off the accelerator, but I’m being more measured about the speed I want to go, and the pressure that I create for myself. I’ve learned lessons that I can return to – I have it in my toolbox – and I know I can call on Gemma again if I need a little top up My husband asked, “are you glad you did it” and my answer straight away was “yes, it’s money well-spent”. If you’re thinking about doing it, do it. Commit. And see yourself grow”

Emma Smith London

“Coaching with Gemma massively increased my confidence, as it allowed me to take back control. Gemma helped me reframe setbacks as valuable learning opportunities & break free from unhelpful narratives I had been telling myself over & over. Her strategies enabled me to let go of doubt, guilt & comparisons. The in-depth program made me look at my situation without judgement & become more compassionate towards myself. The whole experience was illuminating & gave me the clarity to realise my true goals, alongside the confidence needed to begin pursing them. Now, instead of letting fear & indecision hold me back, I am training for my dream career. I am so grateful to the program & proud of what it has allowed me to achieve.”

Sinead Manchester

“The half day intensive session with Gemma was an absolute game changer for me. I went in with zero expectations of what the morning would entail but excited… She listens with real purpose and genuinely hears what you have to say before helping you down the road to discovery and recovery. What Gemma does really well is give you the tools to help you help yourself. I left feeling energised, motivated and above all grateful for everything that I have accomplished and coped with to get me to where I am now.

Gemma Manchester

“I did a few months with Gemma, and I can honestly say the reassurance and techniques she has taught me have been a real help and something I will continue to use going forward. I always used to worry about other people’s opinions and used to make myself ill constantly seeking approval of people who I really didn’t need approval of! If you’re looking to get your confidence back and become yourself again then Gemma’s programme is a must.”

Ashley Galligan Manchester

“Gemma supported me at a time when I was completely confused and struggling with intense indecision. The indecision was all consuming leaving me finding it difficult to concentrate and suffering mental fog, stress and tiredness. Gemma supported me with a tailored session... The next day I began to feel lighter, clearer and my confidence return and a belief in my decision making I hadn’t felt in a long time. I have found Gemma to be extremely supportive, positive and encouraging…”

Helen Lancaster

“I completed a 3-month program with Gemma. I really enjoyed the experience. Gemma is kind, open and honest, she challenges you whilst providing a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. I felt amazing after our sessions. I was able to achieve my goal with Gemma and enjoyed that she gave tools for me to continue with after the course. It was great value for money. I will look forward to working with Gemma in the future.”

Nicole Ireland

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